Frequently Asked Questions About Plumbing

Do you have flat rate pricing?2022-10-28T19:16:58+00:00

Yes we do for several services. Once that we know all the details of your plumbing project the prices are set. No surprises or extra charges.

Do you offer water heater replacement services?2022-10-28T19:12:18+00:00

There are various system types and brands on the market today, and we can find a hot water solution that matches your preferences as well as your budget. There are several factors to keep in mind, such as the hot water demand in your home and whether you want to have a tank, tankless, or hybrid water heater installed in your home. Already have a water heater, but it’s no longer working well? Our water heater technicians also offer excellent water heater replacement.

How do I know if my water heater needs to be repaired?2022-10-28T19:10:46+00:00
  • If you hear any kind of noises coming out or if you see any leaks around, there is a big chance that you need a licensed plumber to look at it.
  • If your water supply is low on pressure
  • If you have no hot water
Do I need maintenance to my water heaters?2022-10-28T19:07:58+00:00

Yes you do and we recommend annually based on the water heater type , tankless or not tankless.

Do you install water heaters?2022-10-28T19:06:21+00:00

Yes we do. We also can help you in choosing the best option for your home in regards of capacity, locations, water flow demand etc.

Are you open 24/7 for plumbing emergencies?2022-10-28T18:32:52+00:00

Yes we are. Please call (708) 497-9757 and our on call plumbers will do their best to help you!

How do I know if my backflow preventer is broken?2022-10-28T01:15:31+00:00

Leakage Water Flow Is Slow, and Quality of the water

Is backflow testing required in Illinois?2022-10-28T01:14:23+00:00

The State of Illinois requires that every backflow device be inspected annually by a certified backflow inspector

What is the purpose of backflow testing?2022-10-28T01:14:00+00:00

To ensure they’re working properly and to protect the quality of drinking water

How often should backflow be tested?2022-10-28T01:13:20+00:00

The device must be tested annually in order to be effective.

What is a commercial pipe?2022-10-28T01:10:30+00:00

Plumbing pipes come in many different varieties for all the different plumbing applications in commercial buildings. This means that there’s no single best plumbing pipe, but instead best types of material for different purposes, locations, and conditions. Determining which plumbing pipe will be best suited to different situations can depend on a number of factors. Usually thickness of the pipe is the main difference.

What are the two types of plumbers?2022-10-28T01:09:40+00:00

There are actually 5 different types of plumbers. Residential, commercial, sanitary, water supply plumber and service and repair plumber.

The two types of plumbers are residential plumbers and commercial plumbers

What is the difference between industrial and commercial plumbing?2022-10-28T01:08:56+00:00

Residential plumbing has limited impact and it deals with family homes and buildings whereas industrial plumbing is loud and it happens most often in office buildings and industrial sites.

What does commercial mean in plumbing?2022-10-28T01:08:21+00:00

A more complex water supply, venting system, wastewater drainage systems for a variety of businesses, public spaces, building complexes, high rises hospitals, schools, offices, etc.

How do I know if my main sewer line is clogged?2022-10-28T01:06:57+00:00
  • Slow drains Drains are backing-up
  • Water backing-up up in the lower drain ( shower or floor drain)
  • Sewage in the clean out
How do I unclog the main line in my house?2022-10-28T01:06:17+00:00

Drain roding cable machines (less expensive) Sewer jetter machines (more expensive )

How much does it cost to snake a main line?2022-10-28T01:05:17+00:00

The average cost to clear a main drain is $250, but it can range from $100-$1400

What is the average cost to snake a drain?2022-10-28T01:04:43+00:00

The average cost to clear a drain is $175, but it can range from $100-$250

How do I find a good local plumber?2022-10-28T01:02:58+00:00

Make sure your plumber is licensed insured and bonded

  • Ask how long they have been in business for
  • Inquire about written estimates
  • Check reviews and references
  • Personal referrals
  • Professional referrals
  • Workmanship warranty

Choose between independent plumbing contractors and large companies.

How much does Rooter Plumbing Chicago charge to clear a drain?2022-10-28T18:21:29+00:00

The average cost to clear a drain is $250, but it can range from $100-$1400 several factors can impact your cost, including:

  • The location of clog
  • The severity of the problem causing the clog
  • How difficult the clog is to reach
  • If we need to use camera for video inspection
  • Also the equipment we used
    • Drain Roding cable machines (less expensive)
    • Sewer jetted machines (more expensive )
How does leak detection work?2022-10-28T18:33:30+00:00

There are a few different methods used to detect a leak. If it seems as though a leak has sprung somewhere in your system, the next step is finding its location. Using a variety of detection equipment, such as thermal leak detectors, is sometimes necessary for hard–to–find leaks. There are various approaches a plumber can take to discover a leak, whether it’s in the main water line or behind a wall. The first step, however, is knowing that you have a leak at all, and that’s largely the responsibility of the homeowner.

How to fix a leaky pipe?2022-10-28T01:00:03+00:00

You’ll need to cut through the pipe on each side of the broken area. Replace it

Who pays for repairs to major drains?2022-10-28T00:58:50+00:00

Usually the owner of building or landlord.

Do plumbers fix drain pipes?2022-10-28T00:57:34+00:00

Yes, absolutely.

How do you fix an outside drain?2022-10-28T00:56:54+00:00

An outside drain can be fixed by using a drain rod machine or high pressure water jetting.

How much does it cost to replace a drain?2022-10-28T00:46:14+00:00

When it comes to replacing or repairing the drain pipes in your house, the cost can range significantly depending on the type of drain pipe, the location in your home and the labor and material costs. You can estimate an average cost between $250 and $1,650.

Do your plumbers fix sink pipes?2022-10-28T00:45:35+00:00

Yes, we do, among many other plumbing services.

How much does it cost to fix a hole in a pipe?2022-10-28T00:44:51+00:00

Leaking pipes cost an average of $150 to $350 to repair depending on the damage done.

What problems do plumbers fix?2022-10-28T00:44:08+00:00

Some of the problems that plumbers fix are dripping faucets, leaky pipes and running toilets. Also, they can fix low water pressure, leaking hose bibs, slow or clogged drains. Sump pump failure, water heater problems and water main breaks are also part of the problems some plumbers may fix.

How much does it cost to fix the pipes?2022-10-28T00:43:25+00:00

Simple p-trap repairs can be as little as $100.

Average cost of burst pipe repair is between $200 and $1,000 depending on the issue at hand.

How do I know if my underground pipes have burst?2022-10-28T00:41:11+00:00

If your underground pipes have burst there would be a noticeable drop in pressure, dirty water or an increase of mold in your home along with a sewage smell.

How do you tell if a drain pipe is broken underground?2022-10-28T00:39:16+00:00

Most times there’s multiple slow drains, sewage backups and blockage or mildew in the basement.

How do you fix a broken underground drain pipe?2022-10-28T00:38:26+00:00

After you locate the damaged area of pipe, dig to find it to fix the pipe, you’ll need to cut through the pipe on each side of the broken area. Replace it before you close up the hole, pour fine gravel around the pipe to provide support.

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