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A leak beneath the concrete slab on which your home rests can be incredibly worrying. How did it occur? Can it be fixed? How much will it cost? At Rooter Plumbing & Sewers, we set your mind at ease with our comprehensive slab leak repair services. A slab leak can lead to high utility bills, wasted water, and even damage to your foundation if left undetected or neglected. When the integrity of your home is at stake, you need to make certain that you’re doing everything you can to prevent any further problems or damage.

A slab leak is the plumbing industry term for a pinhole leak that has developed in a copper water line below the concrete floor of your home, they are also know as foundation leaks and concrete slab leaks. Here are the most common slab leak symptoms:

  • High water bill
  • Hear water running but nothing is on
  • Wet planters near the house
  • Hot spots on the floor
  • Wet base boards
  • Water coming out below the water heater but the platform is dry
  • Water on the floor or wet carpet

Why do YOU have a leak?

In most cases, the leaks are primarily the result of a reaction between our drinking water and the copper pipes or natural ground shift…foundation settlement. During our performance of hundreds of leak detection services for slab leaks and pinhole leaks we have seen type K hard and soft copper water lines, correctly installed, develop leaks within 3 years of installation.

How do WE find the leak?

We use our experience on how your system is installed along with electronic listening and tracing equipment to help us locate the problem.

How do WE fix the leak?

We utilize all common industry fixes. After the leak is located and isolated we will talk with you about the different options for repairing your specific problem and the associated costs. Our goal is to help you make the best decision for your specific situation.

How long does the repair take?

Most repairs require a two day process. The first day we conduct the leak detection service and prep for the repair. The second day we provide for repair and reinstatement. If conditions prevent a quick repair, we may install a temporary bi-pass line so that you are not inconvenienced by the water being shut off. We will always work with you to meet your needs as best as we can.

Our slab leak repair technicians are highly skilled and courteous individuals who would like nothing more than to help solve whatever slab leak problem you have. They arrive in clean uniforms and wear boot covers to keep your home spotless. We can also work to find an appointment time before or after work, because we know that you have a job to do as well. Same day service, upfront pricing, 24/7 urgent care—we have got you covered. Stay alert to signs of a slab leak problem, and give Rooter Plumbing & Sewers a call for all of your slab leak repair needs.

Slab Leak Repair Services

Keep an eye on your plumbing system. Monitor the water bill, listen for unusual or loud sounds, and take note of any possible loss in water pressure. It’s critical to catch any slab leak issue before it can do much damage. When left alone, they can be incredibly damaging. If you notice the sound of running water underneath your floor, a spike in your utility bill from one month to the next, or a significant drop in the water pressure in your home, you should have a plumber investigate further to see whether you might have a slab leak that needs professional plumbing repair services.

Why Professional Slab Leak Repair is Important

When it comes to the concrete slab foundation of your home, you simply cannot take any chances. When water begins to build up in the ground beneath your home, the result can be catastrophic to say the least. A crack in the foundation as the soil erodes beneath your home is more than just high utility bills. Rooter Plumbing & Sewers today professional slab leak repair services.

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Frequently Asked Questions About

Slab Leak Repair

Do you have flat rate pricing?2022-10-28T19:16:58+00:00

Yes we do for several services. Once that we know all the details of your plumbing project the prices are set. No surprises or extra charges.

How does leak detection work?2022-10-28T18:33:30+00:00

There are a few different methods used to detect a leak. If it seems as though a leak has sprung somewhere in your system, the next step is finding its location. Using a variety of detection equipment, such as thermal leak detectors, is sometimes necessary for hard–to–find leaks. There are various approaches a plumber can take to discover a leak, whether it’s in the main water line or behind a wall. The first step, however, is knowing that you have a leak at all, and that’s largely the responsibility of the homeowner.

How to fix a leaky pipe?2022-10-28T01:00:03+00:00

You’ll need to cut through the pipe on each side of the broken area. Replace it

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